Igor Strawinsky
Trois pièces pour quatuor à cordes

Sketches, versions, documents, essays

Edited by Hermann Danuser with the assistance of Felix Meyer and Ulrich Mosch, 1994

174 Seiten – 25 x 38 cm

174 pp., 25 x 38 cm
ISBN 3-7957-0398-0 (PSB 1009)
EUR 154

Stravinsky's «Three Pieces for String Quartet» has only appeared in print in its second version of 1918 and in an arrangement of 1928-29 for the «Four Etudes for Orchestra». The first version, dating from 1914, was left unpublished, as was the reduction for piano four-hands of the same year. This volume makes both accessible for the first time, along with all known sketches and a collection of seven essays.