Igor Strawinsky
Symphonies d'instruments à vent

Facsimile edition of short score and full score of first version (1920)

Edited by André Baltensperger and Felix Meyer, 1991

84 pp., 25 x 38 cm
ISBN 3-7957-0397-2 (PSB 1008)
EUR 128

The «Symphonies for Wind Instruments», a key work in Stravinsky's oeuvre, is best known in the revised version that the composer prepared in 1947. For a long time the more richly colored original version of 1920 remained unpublished. This volume makes the most important autograph sources available to a wider public. It contains faithful reproductions of the composer's fair copy of the full score, finished in November 1920, and the short score of summer 1920, a working manuscript that sheds revealing light on Stravinsky's creative process.